The Season for Glam: Holiday Party-Wear Preview

Before you even think about trimming the tree or decking the halls, let’s focus on the best kind of holiday glitz: party attire! With a social calendar filled to the brim with fetes – and a closet in desperate need of festive flair – it’s time to take a peek at what’s trending for the biggest merry-making season of the year. Where to begin? Right here, of course…

Wedding Party Outfit

At this time it is full of holiday atmosphere everywhere, and there are some wedding events going on in some places at the same time. Maybe you are the one who is invited to a wedding party. Are you ready for it? Have you ever thought of what you would wear? Here I’d like to share you certain pieces for the loving occasion, from dress to shoes. Pair the NEW FASHION Women’s Cycle Polyester Floral Printed Dress with this white Bag Fashion Women Wedding Bridal Party Handbag, it’ll be a perfect match in your closet. And the last thing is to choose a pair of shoes. Without doubt, you’ll love the Bag Fashion Sexy Women’s Wedding Platform Pumps with Big Flower Stilettos, all-match with any dress. Especially, the floral stilettos are the most attractive. Wearing such a beautiful outfit, you’re sure to get the bridal bouquet, winning your happiness.

More choices won’t be ever wrong, so I want to introduce you two more purses, also namely handbags for wedding party, in case you switch one party to another. Certainly you bet which one is yours.

Dinner & Evening Party Handbags

Presumably you’re busy in all kinds of parties, such as friends’ meeting, charity gala, family unions and so on. Attending these events is filled with much knowledge on your dress to accessories. Before you go out, it’ll take time to select the appropriate dress, jewelry, shoes and bags. Here NyFifth offers you two options: Bag Fashion Women Clutch Dinner Party Handbags & Chain Purse Wallet and Bag Fashion Dazzling Glitter Sparkling Bling Sequins Evening Party Purse. While the former is available in beige, coffee, dark red, pink and black color, the latter is available in black, golden and silver, more fit for formal evening party.

Party High Heel Pumps

Every woman should have one or two pairs of high heels in her wardrobe. This is a fact without doubt. Like me, there are four pairs of high heels for office, for party, for wedding, and for dating with the hot guy – definitely the last one is just kidding. Luckily, our Bag Fashion brand can completely satisfy you, since it includes T-Strap Pointed Toe Pumps, Party Club Glitter Platform Peep Toe Pumps, Women Leopard High Heels, and Sexy Super High Heels with Paulette Decoration. In my point, the last two high heels are perfect for sexy and ambitious women taking part in a rave party. Do you agree with me?

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