Let’s Know Aprons & Towels & Robes from Q-Tees of California

q-tees of california from nyfifth.com
Have you ever heard of Q-Tees of California? Or you are using its apron, but you’re not aware of it. However it totally doesn’t matter, just let me help you enrich what you have known about it. Established in 1994, Q-Tees of California is a manufacturer of cotton bags, aprons, towels and robes. Every item is in need of your daily life which you cannot deny, for example bag for shopping, apron for cooking, robe for after-showering and so on.

Med Length Apron 3 Compartment

Q-Tees of California - Q4250 Med Length Apron 3 Compartment from nyfifth.com
A shaped apron adds a bit of glamour to the kitchen, making you feel a little more special when you are busy baking. And this Q-Tees Med Length Apron 3 Compartment features full width pouch 8-inches deep with three compartments binding trim, 1-inch wide extra-long waist ties, and 1-inch wide neck strap with sewn-on buckle for adjustable fit. Perfect for any chef with personality, this apron is great to keep you clean during all your cooking or baking occasions.

Bath Robe

Q-Tees of California - QBR80 48" Terry Loop Bath Robe from nyfifth.com
Relaxed and refined, nothing users in a laid-back weekend like pajamas and this classic robe from Q-Tees of California. This Q-Tees of California 48″ Italian Waffle Weave Robe is made of 100% cotton and features a belt. You’ll be lounging with your own personal style when you slip into this waffle robe reminiscent of luxurious spa and hotel bathrobes. And the other option is Q-Tees of California 48″ Terry Loop Bath Robe with the same size. It’s up to you which one is your best.

Fingertip Towel Fringed Ends

Fingertip Towel Fringed Ends from nyfifth.com
Turn up the charm with this Q-Tees of California Fingertip Towel Fringed Ends. This fingertip towel comes in one side velour with terry loop on other side and fringed ends. Available in 8 colors, you’re free to select the fit one in your daily use.

Velour Beach Towel

Q-Tees of California Velour Beach Towel from nyfifth.com
Fun in the sun! Solid Color creates a bold look in the Q-Tees of California Velour Beach Towel, a must-have for the beach or backyard. Coming in 30″ x 60″, this beach towel is complete with 100% cotton, one-side velour with terry loop on other side and hemmed ends, offering you super soft.

Hand Towel Trifold Grommet

Spectacularly soft and luxurious, this Q-Tees of California Hand Towel Trifold Grommet offers pure comfort after every bath or shower, providing superior absorbency. The trifold grommet is a great convenience in use. You’ll love it once having a try!