The Ultimate Custom Flexfit Hat Guide

The Ultimate Custom Flexfit Hat Guide from NYFifth

When it comes to blank hats for embroidery, there’s only one brand that comes to mind: Flexfit. Flexfit hats are the go-to for custom hats with logo embroidery and screen printing! Everywhere you go, you’ll see a custom flexfit hat from small and big name companies like Mitchell and Ness to your favorite sports team or street wear brand. Born with a vision to redefine the ordinary, Flexfit has stayed committed to constant evolution — which is one of the reasons why so many people choose Flexfit hats as their preferred cap.

Flexfit started off with one vision in mind: to change the heawear industry game. With great precision in every detail, Flexfit did just that. In 1994, Flexfit introduced the patented original stretch-fit Flexfit Technology that revolutionized the headwear industry. From there on, Flexfit continued to stay on top of the headwear game, producing creative and innovative products while refining their craftsmanship.

With more than a few decades under their belt, Flexfit has created a wide variety of hats that feature their patented technology and more. Such collections are: Flexfit 110, Flexfit 210, and the Flexfit Delta cap. For more of a classic style, Flexfit also has their Yupoong cap collection which offers time-tested classic staples like the snapback trucker caps, dad hats, knit beanies and more.

If you’re a first time buyer or you’re interested in creating custom Flexfit caps and want to learn more about Flexfit hats and their collections, we’ve got you! In this guide, we’ll explain what Flexfit Technology is, what other innovative technologies Flexfit incorporates in their caps, as well as go in depth into each Flexfit collection to help you find which custom Flexfit hat fits you best.

What is Flexfit Technology?

What Is Flexfit Technology - NYFifth

Flexfit technology is what makes fitted Flexfit hats so unique. Flexfit caps are made by weaving polyurethane spandex into its sweatband for a comfortable stretch and fit. It is also incorporated throughout the crown of the Flexit cap for added elasticity.  With this, Flexfit hats deliver the perfect blend of comfort and style – making it the ultimate all-purpose cap. Which, in turn, makes them one of the best blank hat brands!

You’ll find that the Flexfit technology is the backbone of various Flexfit collections like the Flexfit 110, Flexfit 210 and Flexfit Delta. The technology is shared among Flexfit’s core products to provide the best fit possible.

Flexfit continues to come up with inventive technologies to make their hats stand out from the competition:

  • Flexible Visors: Super lightweight and designed to be bent in any way and still retain it’s shape
  • Permcurv: Visor technology that maintains its proper shape and curve at all times
  • Ultrafibre: Robust, lightweight, and wind/water resistant fibers with a natural shine that emanates strength
  • Ecodry: Environmentally friendly water repellency without the use of hazardous chemicals & materials
  • Cool & Dry: Wicks perspiration away from the body, making sure to stay cool, dry and refreshed
  • Pro-formance: Combines Cool & Dry properties with the premium look and feel of wool fabric
  • Hyper Tech: Conquers all of the elements; thermal regulation, Cool & Dry, anti-bacterial, and UV protection
  • Hybrid Tech: Combining water repellency and Cool & Dry moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort

Flexfit Hat Sizes

Flexfit hats covers a wide range of hat sizes that include: a standard one size fits all (OSFA) with their Yupoong Classics line, small through XL size caps for their Flexfit caps, as well as youth sizes for the younger crowd.

Next, we’ll dive into each Flexfit collection! With each collection, we will go over what make it different from the rest of the Flexfit caps, hat sizes, colors, and styles the collection offers.


Custom Flexfit Hats at NYFifth

As mentioned before, Flexfit caps pioneered the stretch-fit technology in headwear! Creating such innovative technology revolutionized comfort and style in the headwear industry.  Many imprinters prefer to use custom Flexfit hats as Flexfit caps will always be a tried and true favorite. Even big name brands in lifestyle and sports markets are using custom Flexfit hats to elevate their brand to the next level.

The original Flexfit cap is the keystone for the other Flexfit collections — which all feature the Flexfit Technology along with district styles and functions.

Flexfit Size Chart

Flexfit hat sizes can vary from One Size Fits All (OSFA) to specific sizes such as Small/Medium and Large/XL. Since all Flexfit caps all have the Flexfit Technology, an adjustable backing is not needed — which is why some caps have specific sizes. The caps with OSFA can only fit a specific size range but it’s fitting should be of the average cap size.
Flexfit Size Chart from NYFifth

Flexfit Styles

The Flexfit collection offers a wide range of popular styles! The most popular ones are the Flexfit trucker hats, snapbacks, flat bill caps, baseball caps, and dad hats. These different styles come in an array of colors to choose from (their Flexfit 6277 comes in 20+ colors).

Best Flexfit Hats

  • Flexfit 6277 – Structured Twill Cap – An all-time best seller Flexfit baseball cap! Made of 63% polyester, 34% cotton, and 3% PU spandex, the Flexfit 6277 is a 6-panel fitted cap with a silver undervisor. Also features Flexfit Permacurv technology.
  • Flexfit 6511 – Trucker Cap – Innovative elastic trucker mesh for ultimate OSFA comfort. Made of 55% polyester, 43% cotton and 2% PU spandex, the 6-panel structured trucker cap from Flexfit if fitted for style and comfort. Also features a Permacurv visor with a silver undervisor. Comes in various solid colors and two-tone colors to choose from.
  • Flexfit 5001 –  V-Flex Twill Cap – A standard cotton twill baseball cap. This 6-panel structured baseball cap from Flexfit comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. Also features a silver undervisor with Permacurv technology.
  • Flexfit 6297F – Pro-Baseball On Field Cap – Pro-baseball shape with the classic Flexfit Technology. Made with 63% polyester, 34% cotton, and 3% PU spandex, the fitted baseball cap from Flexfit features a high profile, a flat visor with a silver undervisor. Sizes are S/M and L/XL.


Yupoong Classics

Flexfit Yupoong Caps at NYFifth

Flexfit isn’t all about just coming up with innovative ways to update the cap, they also have a classics line called the Yupoong Classics. The Yupoong Classics collection showcases a wide range of the finest selection from tucker caps and dad hats to sturdy knit beanies, jockeys and more.

Made in 1974, The Yupoong Classics represents an array of styles and technologies. From Yupoong trucker hats and snapback cap styles to cuffed knit beanies – Flexfit Yupoong Classic collection features retro styles that will never go out of style.

Yupoong Size Chart

Since the YP Classics does not feature Flexfit Technology, all the caps in this line are One Size Fits All (OSFA). With OSFA, all caps in this line has an adjustable backing (with the exception of beanies because they’re made of stretchable knit fabric).  Yupoong snapback caps and trucker hat styles have a plastic snapback closure. The Yupoong dad hat or cotton twill cap styles have an antique brass buckle closure

Flexfit Yupoong Hat Sizes from NYFifth

Yupoong Styles 

In the Yupoong Classics collection, they offer well…classic styles! Such classic styles include: Yupoong trucker caps (or mesh back caps), twill caps, flat bill snapbacks, and a variety of knit beanies (cuffed, pom pom, thinsulated).

Their most popular caps are their Yupoong trucker hats and snapbacks. With the Yupoong trucker hats, they offer a various styles such as: foam front, flat bill, curved visors, 5-panel,  and 6-panel. Same goes for Yupoong snapback caps when it comes construction: 5-panel or 6-panel, flat bill or curved, cotton twill or wool.

Best Yupoong Caps:

  • Yupoong 6606 – Retro Classic Trucker Cap – Made of 68% polyester and 35% cotton. Premium mesh panels for breathability. 6-Panel, mid-profile, structured trucker with matching undervisor. Matching adjustable snapback closure. Permacurv visor.
  • Yupoong 6089 – Flat Bill Snapback Cap – Made of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. Premium wool-blended snapback for a luxe look. 6-panel, high profile, structured cap with the classic green undervisor. Matching plastic snapback backing and a flat visor.
  • Yupoong 6245CM – Classic Dad Cap – Made of 100% cotton, this trendy low-profile dad cap style is a 6-panel unstructured cap with a matching undervisor. Classic antique brass buckle closure for style and comfort with a Permacurv visor.
  • Yupoong 1501 – Cuffed Knit Beanie – Made from 100% hypoallergenic acrylic, this cuffed beanie features dense weaving for logo embroidery or customization.


Flexfit DeltaFlexfit Delta from NYFifth

For a more lighter, sleeker performance cap, look to Flexfit Delta. Flexfit Delta is another innovative performance cap that features Flexfit’s patented Stain-Block technology. The Stain-Block tech helps diffuse absorbed sweat through the undervisor, preventing unwanted sweat stains. The Flexfit Delta also features a 3-layer sweatband and a seamless bonding finish, which gives the cap a luxe yet sleek appearance.  The lightweight fabrication used on the Flexfit Delta cap gives it an airy, comfortable feel. Of course, the Flexfit Delta also features the one and only Flexfit technology for added comfort and security.

Flexfit Delta Size Chart

Unlike the YP Classic caps, Flexfit Delta hats include their stretch-to-fit Flexfit Technology. So, you will not find any OSFA sizing for Flexfit Delta caps. All caps come in two different sizes: Small/Medium or Large/XL, as you can review the size chart image below:

Flexfit Delta Size Chart NYFifth

Flexfit Delta Styles

At, the Flexfit Delta comes in one style: the Flexfit 180 Seamless Cap.

  • Flexfit 180: This cap is the original Flexfit Delta Cap! Made of 92% polyestyer and 8% PU Spandex, the 6-panel structured Flexfit 180 has a Permacurv visor and also features Flexfit’s Cool & Dry technology with a black undervisor (the white cap has a white undervisor). The Flexfit Delta Carbon collection (under the same style number: 180) features a carbon fiber-like grid for stretchability and durability.


Flexfit 110

Flexfit 110 from NYFifth

If you’re looking for a cap that is universal and can fit a variety of sizes, then look no further than the Flexfit 110! Named after its ability to fit 10 sizes and every size in-between, the Flexfit 110 cap is designed to provide a fit that’s tuned to you. How is it able to fit 10 different seizes, you ask? The Flexfit 110 is the perfect blend of Flexfit technology that also has an adjustable backing to create the perfect and comfortable fit for anyone that wears the cap. The Flexfit 110 cap exudes premium status with a wool-blend fabric that offers style and class.

The Flexfit 110 caps are well loved and widely used with big-name brands like Mitchell and Ness and The North Face. At, we offer custom Flexfit 110 caps with logo embroidery and screen printing.

Flexfit 110 Size Chart

The Flexfit 110 collection are all OSFA as they have an adjustable backing. What makes them different than the YP Classics is that this cap takes a hybrid approach – combining the ease of an adjustable cap with the flexfit technology for a superior comfortable fit.

Flexfit 110 Size Chart from NYFith

Flexfit 110 Styles

Being one of their best-selling lines, the Flexfit 110 collection is offered in many popular styles. Within the Flexfit 110 hat collection, you’ll find popular styles like the Flexfit 110 Mesh Cap (with a mesh backing for the ultimate comfort and ventilation), moisture-wicking performance caps, flat bill snapbacks, visors and mini pique caps.

Best Flexfit 110 Caps

  • Flexfit 110M – Mesh Back Cap – Made of 56% polyester/ 44% cotton, the 6-panel structured cap features both the Flexfit Tech and Mesh for ultimate comfort and ventilation.
  • Flexfit 110C – Pro-Formance Cap – Made of 97% polyester/3% PU spandex, this performance cap features Flexfit’s Pro-Formance technology which helps wicks moisture and keep the wearer cool and comfortable all day long.
  • Flexfit 110F – Flat Bill Snapback Cap – For a more street wear urban look, the Flexfit 110F fits the bill. This high-crown 6-panel premium wool-blended cap features a moisture-absorbent elastic sweatband for everyday comfort.


Flexfit 210

Flexfit 210 from NYFifth

The Flexfit 210 is designed for on-field comfort and off-field style. With an upgraded ship and wool-blend fabric, the Flexfit 210 premium fitted caps are suitable for any occasion.

Flexfit 210 Size Chart

The wool-blend fitted Flexfit 210 comes in S/M and L/XL sizes as this cap utilizes the Flexfit Technology.

Flexfit 210 Hat Size Chart from NYFifth

Flexfit 210 Styles

Like the Flexfit Delta, the Flexfit 210 only comes in one style — the Flexfit 6210 Premium Fitted Cap. The Pro-baseball shape with premium wool blend is a 6-panel structured cap with a matching undervisor. Made with 83% acrylic, 15% wool, and 2% PU spandex, the fitted cap from Flexfit also has 8 rows of stitching on the visor, has a high crown with a flat visor.


And there you have it: The Ultimate Flexfit Hat Guide! If you have any other questions or concerns regarding any of the Flexfit hats or collections, please feel free to contact one of our product specialist at You can call us at (877) 695-9722 or you can email us your questions to

Did you know?  That we also offer custom logo embroidery and screen printing on most of our Flexfit hats? Did you like a hat from this guide? We can create that custom Flexfit hat with your logo today! For a free price proposal and mock-up, send your inquiry to