3 Helpful Tips When Getting Your Logo Ready for Embroidery

Thinking about purchasing some merchandise with your business logo embroidered? When submitting your logo or artwork for embroidery, some details from your design can get lost in translation when converting your logo into embroidery.

Custom Logo Embroidery from NYFifth

In order to turn your carefully designed logo into stitches, the embroiderer must first digitize your design. Digitizing is the process of converting the the artwork file into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment. When converting the artwork, this is where trouble often occurs.

To make sure your logo does not run into any problems, here are some helpful tips to make sure your embroidered logo looks as good as it does on paper.

TIP 1: Provide a High Quality Graphic

Image Quality for Logo Embroidery from NYFifth

To make sure your logo or artwork is embroidered precisely the way you envisioned it, provide as must detail as you can. This means giving the embroiderer the highest resolution graphic possible.

Most times, embroiderers need to enlarge the image size for embroidering. With enlarging images comes pixelation (see above image to the left). If you’re enlarging a small image, the finer details will disappear and the edges can become jagged. Providing a high quality and large image will guarantee you a better chance in getting your embroidered logo that way you’ve imaged it to be.

TIP 2: Try to Avoid Gradient Details

Example of Gradient Embroidery from NYFifth

Gradients, which are colors that fade from one to another, are usually difficult to do with embroidery. Gradient embroidery can be done but the end result will not look as nice as the artwork you’ve submitted. The thread colors used can be overlapped to help fool the human eye into thinking it’s a gradient, but then again it won’t look as nice as if it were screen printed. To make sure your logo looks flawless, we would recommend converting the gradient areas into solid colors for a smooth, clean and clearer design.

TIP 3: Make Sure Text Isn’t Too Small

Text Size for Logo Embroidery from NYFifth

Text size is important when it comes to having your logo embroidered on hats, polo shirts, and whatnot. If your text is too small for people to read from a distance, then that would just be a wasted opportunity to get your logo noticed. On top of not making it legible, small text will sometimes end up looking like a small blob stitched together (see above image for example).

Ideally, you would want your text to be AT LEAST 0.25″ tall for it to be legible. If you’re not too sure if your text meets that requirement, we will let you know and suggest ways you can edit your artwork.

Getting your logo embroidered that way you want takes some time. Just as long as you have these three tips in mind, you’ll be just fine! With our custom embroidery services, we try to make it as crisp as possible to meet our customer’s expectations. If there is a fault in your design when converting it, we will provide feedback on what will and won’t look good as well as ways you can improve the design.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding custom embroidered merchandise, feel free to contact us at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at support@nyfifth-inc.com today!

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5 Popular Beanies for Winter

Winter is coming that is beanie season! You need to dress yourself up heavily before going out in winter cold weather! At NYFifth, we offer a wide variety of beanies from popular brands, like Port Authority, Sport-Tek, New Era, and more. From pom pom beanies and cotton beanies to knit beanies, our popular beanies are not only stylish, but help keep you warm and comfortable during the coldest of winter days!

Plus, all our beanies can be screen printed or embroidered with logo, name, monogram or what you like, which would be wonderful Christmas gifts!

5 Popular Beanies for Winter from NYFifth

With three team colors and a large pom pom, this Sport-Tek STC21 Pom Pom Team Beanie will help keep you warm in the stands. This chunky-knit beanie is made of the fabric of 100% acrylic. So you will feel quite comfortable with this beanie. In winter, it will be warm enough for you. The pattern is so beautiful and sure you will like it.

Sport Tek STC21 Pom Pom Team Beanie from NYFifth

This District DT618 Slouch Beanie, with comfort and style, will keep you comfortable and fashion in winter. The beanie is no slouch when it comes to amping up your look. There are ten colors for you to choose, and it’s great for screen printing or custom embroidery, which would be a wonderful Christmas gift!

District DT618 Slouch Beanie from NYFifth

This Port Authority CP95 Cotton Beanie, with a basic and classic style, is an essential in your winter wardrobe. It’s made of 100% cotton fabric, which are sure to keep you warm and cozy in cold days. It comes in neutral colors that is easy to coordinate with most outfits.

Port Authority CP95 100% Cotton Beanie from NYFifth

Sportsman Cap SP06 Striped Knit Beanie has become the favorite item for all those who love stripes as it keeps your head warmer. This 100% acrylic knit can retain the warmth and is 8’in length. It’s available in 9 colors and you can choose one or more as holiday gifts for your families, friends and more.

Sportsman Cap SP06 Striped Knit Beanie from NYFifth

With 1×1 rib knit at the top and 3×3 rib knit at the bottom edge, this New Era NE900 Knit Beanie is a warm, laid-back favorite. It’s made of 100% acrylic shell, 100% polyester fleece lining. A tonal embroidered New Era flag adds subtle character.

New Era NE900 Knit Beanie from NYFifth

Need customization? NYFifth also specializes in custom embroidery and screen printing! We offer our imprinting services on all our products at low competitive costs. Whether it be for a big fundraiser or just one monogrammed hat for a gift, we’ve got you covered. For imprint inquiries, call usday at (877) 695-9722 or email us at support@nyfifth-inc.com.

Top 5 Branded Screen Printed Promotional Products

Top 5 Branded Screen Printed Promotional Products from NYFifth

Today we’ve rounded up some of our most popular and best-selling branded promotional products! Including tote bags, hats, blankets, t-shirts, sweaters, they can be screen printed with your logo or name, which would be great giveaways or gifts for your next trade show or corporate/business event.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are practical for your everyday life – shopping, work, travel and more. We offer a variety of custom tote bags, from canvas to organic cotton, from clear to tie-dyed, which are practical promotional products for corporate events or trade shows.

Branded Screen Printed Promotional Tote Bags from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:


A hat is an essential all the time at your wardrobe. We offer a wide selection of hats, like trucker caps, dad hats, snapback caps, baseball caps, beanies and much more. These blank caps can be screen printed or embroidered with your favorite logo, which would help keep you cool and stylish. Also, they are wonderful giveaways or gifts for trade shows or business events.

Branded Screen Printed Promotional Hats from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:


Warm up in the sands or on the sidelines with our blankets! We offer a variety of blankets, like fleece blankets, waterproof blankets and more, which not only can be used at the beach, but they’re always perfect for picnics, sporting events or any outdoor party!

Branded Screen Printed Promotional Blankets from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:


Looking for quality t-shirts to get your brand or logo screen printed on? Our promotional custom blank t-shirts are your awesome choices. These timeless tees, from popular brands like Alternative Apparel, District Made, Beall + Canvas and more, are sure to keep you cool and comfy!

Branded Screen Printed Promotional T-Shirts from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:


Sweater has been a fashion staple for a long time. It is an essential with the weather getting cold. We offer a variety of sweaters, made of high quality soft fabric, with comfort and style, which will keep you warm, cozy and stylish in cold fall or winter. Pairing with shirts, jackets and more, none will let you down at any aspect.

Branded Screen Printed Promotional Sweaters from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:

Need customization? NYFifth also specializes in custom embroidery and screen printing! We offer our imprinting services on all our products at low competitive costs. Whether it be for a big fundraiser or just one monogrammed hat for a gift, we’ve got you covered. For imprint inquiries, call us today at (877) 695-9722 or email us at support@nyfifth-inc.com.

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Important Embroidery Terms

Important Embroidery Terms from NYFifth

If you’re looking for a classic and timeless look, embroidery is probably your best choice. Custom embroidery is the method used for decorating fabrics with a needle and thread. Embroidery makes your logo looks professional, sleek and modern. Embroidered apparel can last for a really long time, and it doesn’t wash or fade out because it becomes one with the fabric itself. Today, we are going to introduce some important embroidery terms to you, like 3D Foam Embroidery, Monogram, Puff Embroidery and more. You can add you favorite logo, team logo or company logo with custom embroidery to your tees, sports shirts, jackets, hats and more.

3-D Foam Embroidery

3-D Foam Embroidery is used to add dimension to an embroidery pattern that is typically used on caps. The 3D Foam is placed on the topside of the pattern and stitched over with shortened stitches to cut the Foam. The excessive foam is then pulled away from the embroidery giving a 3D appearance. 3D Foams are available in various thickness.


Backing is often called stabilizer that is a woven or non-woven material added to the back of the fabric being embroidered. It can be hooped with the item or placed between the machine throat plate and the hooped garment. It comes in various weights in three types- tearaway, cutaway and washaway.


Digitizing is a computerized method of converting artwork into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine’s computer. It is extremely important and will determine the quality of the finished embroidery. Every action of the embroidery machine is controlled by the digitized program including the movement of the pantograph to form various stitches, thread changes, thread trims, and many other functions.

Fill Stitch

Fill Stitch is one of the three most common stitches used in embroidery along with the run stitches and satin stitches. A series of running stitches commonly combined to cover large areas. Different fill patterns can be created by altering the angle, length and repeat sequence of the stitches.


Embroidered design composed of one or more letters, usually the initials in a name.

Puff Embroidery

Puff Embroidery is done mostly on baseball style caps. It can make a design really stand off on a cap. The additional height used to create the “puff” effect is achieved by using a piece of foam that is placed on top of the item being embroidered. Then the embroidery is done over the top of the piece of foam giving it the “puff” effect.

Stitch Count

Stitch Count, in its simplest form, is defined as the number of embroidery stitches it takes to create a logo in embroidery. How many stitches it takes to create a logo in embroidery is in direct relation to the size or complexity of the logo. The bigger the image, the more stitches need to create it in embroidery.

Did you know that we also offer custom embroidery (and screen printing) on all our apparel and accessories? We strive for customer satisfaction, as well as offer bulk discounts and fast turn around. For a free quote, talk to a friendly customer representative today at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at support@nyfifth-inc.com

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Father’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

Sunday, June 18th is Father’s Day! Father’s Day isn’t just about getting any gift for your Dad (or dads), but it should entail a meaningful Father’s Day message letting him know that you love and appreciate everything he’s done for you. Not sure what to get this Father’s Day 2017? Well, have no fear — we’ve complied some great Father’s Day gift ideas for all types of dads. From the active father to the outdoorsy adventurer dad — find that perfect gift for dad below:

Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas from NYFifth

Father’s Day Gift for Active Dads

Give your dad the gift of free movement this Father’s Day with some great active wear! Whether he’s a marathoner or loves to go to the gym (or is thinking about going back to the gym), help motivate him to do and be his best in any activity with some great active gear:

Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas: Active Lifestyle Father from NYFifth

  1. Sport-Tek ST295 – Rival Tech Fleece Full Zip Hoodie – A welded mesh texture joins solid tech fleece for a state-of-the-art look that also performs with moisture-wicking and snag resistance.
  2. OGIO Endurance OE322 – Sleeveless Pulse Crew – Keep him cool and dry throughout his work-out with our OGIO Endurance sleeveless pulse crew. Made is ultra breathable stay-cool fabrics and reflective details, this will definitely be his all-time favorite work-out tank.
  3. Port Authority BG801 – Medium Active Duffel – Gift your dad a durable duffel bag for him to bring to the gym! Add a personal touch to our Port Authority medium duffel bag by monogramming the bag with our embroidery services.

Father’s Day Gifts for Golf Lovers

If your dad is a golf fanatic, we’ve got some great golf gift ideas for you! Gift dad the perfect gift to help him shoot a lower score on his next trip to the golf course. At NYFifth, we have a variety of golf apparel and accessories from brands like Nike Golf, Callaway and more to help him up his game not only on the green but also at the office as well:

Father Day 2017 Gift Ideas: Nike Golf from NYFifth

  1. Nike Golf 779803 – Therma-FIT Hypervis Half Zip Cover Up – For lightweight, all-over warmth and temperature regulations, this Nike Golf pullover excels with Nike’s Therma-FIT fabric! Made with 100% polyester therma-fit fabric, this versatile layering piece is a golfing essential.
  2. Nike Golf 429467 – Fri-FIT Swoosh Perforated Cap – Maximum breathability is achieved with Dri-FIT moisture management technology and perforated mid- and back panels. This low-profile designed cap will keep the sun from ruining his game this summer.
  3. Nike Golf TG0247 – Shoe Tote – Make it easier on Dad to go from the office to the golf course by gifting him our Nike Golf shoe tote! Our Nike Golf shoe tote can be personalized to include your Dad’s initials for a personal touch.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Businessman

Finding the right gift for a businessman Dad can be a little challenging. Luckily for you, we did our research and made sure that the items selected below will boost your Dad’s performance and looking sharp from meeting to meeting in our dress shirts & corporate apparel:

Father's Day 2017 Gift Idea: Business Wear from NYFifth

  1. Port Authority K807 – Men’s Interlock Quarter Zip Pullover – Keep your Dad looking professional and clean at the office in our Port Authority interlock quarter zip pullover! Made with 60/40 cotton and polyester, this piece is easy to dress up or dress down and is extremely soft and versatile tow ear year-round.
  2. Van Heusen 13V0067 – Long Sleeve Pinpoint Oxford – The shirt that means business – this Van Heusen dress shirt is wrinkle-free, pill and stain resistant fabrics to keep your Dad looking professional from meeting to meeting.
  3. OGIO 417051 – Apex 15″ Slim Laptop Messenger Bag – Don’t let the heathered look fool you — this OGIO streamline messenger bag can protect your laptop and more AND it has ample room for important documents, files and must-haves. It’s simple and classic — perfect for any working dad.

Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Have a Dad who’s happiest while outdoors and camping? Give your adventurous dad some gear that he can take to his next camping or hunting trip! At NYFifth, we carry a variety of camouflage apparel and accessories that would be perfect for Dad:

Father Day 2017 Gift Ideas: Outdoor Dad from NYFifth

  1. Russell Outdoors RO78Q – Realtree 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt – Season after season, every outdoor enthusiast needs a layerable 1/4 zip pullover, like this one from Russel Outdoors! Made with 50/50 cotton and polyester, the cadet collar will keep him warm on windy and cold days.
  2. Port Authority C929 – Unstructured Camouflage Mesh Back Cap –
  3. Port Authority BG207C – Camo Xtreme Backpack – This backpack is ready for any outdoor activity! This backpack features air mes padded back panels and ergonomic air mesh padded shoulders, along with a spacious main compartment that can fit your hydration pack.

Add a personal touch to your gift with our imprinting services! At NYFifth, we offer custom embroidery and screen printing on all our apparel an accessories. Make it more personable by adding a monogram, your dad’s name, or a personal message to any of our products to make his gift all the more special and unique.

For a free quote, call us today at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at support@nyfifth-inc.com

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