Wear Stripes When in Doubt

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I’ve been doing a little experiment recently. Every time I was feeling confused or conflicted about what to wear,I would throw on one of my many striped shirts. Turning out stripes is perfect for every occasion. Camping, backyard BBQs, baseball games, office wear, after work drinks, you name it. Stripes can be dressed down with denim cut offs and still feel crisp and clean, or dressed up with a blazer and/or pencil skirt yet still feel comfortable. The perfect short cut to feeling good about your outfit in every circumstance!
 stripd shirt
From the Gap. The perfect weekend bag with a fun pop of black/white or red/white. Simple shirt, skinny jean and a pair of sneakers, what you lack is a bag – striped bags, simple yet statement-making, satisfying all your needs and vanity. Designed to be sturdy, practical garments, decorated with tassels or leopard scarf, the bold stripes offer an easily recognizable and clean facade made from durable cotton canvas. So cool girl you are!
stripd bag
For a lovely girl, just like me, What I highly recommend is this pencil bag, a mixture of canvas, multi-function and eiffel towe design, really popular among the young girls. Available in red, blue and coffee, choose one for your collection.
15719 red bag
When you want to go beyond basic black, command the room without saying a word in our sleek, pinstriped pants. It does not matter whether they are ninth pants, loose or tight pants, just pair them with sexy tanks, looose tees or black suits, here ccomes a hot girl or an elegant miss – It’s up to you.
striped pants
A sunny day around late spring early summer, wearing this striped loafer is the best way to travel with friends. Suede-accents and slub-knit texture add richness to an otherwise lighthearted slip-on style. The Bag Fashion slip-on will make any journey a pleasure.
striped shoe

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