Your Outdoor Gear or Favorite Layer: The Wind Shirts


Wind shirts are very thin lightweight jackets, pullovers, or anoraks that hikers wear in windy conditions or players wear in games. Wind shirts are usually made out of lightweight water resistant nylon or breathable microfiber shell that is insufficient protection for sustained rain, but can be worn over a fleece or base layer to cut the wind and keep you warmer. At there are plenty of windshirts belonging to various brands such as Sport-Tek, Badger Sport and Ash City. Now I’ll introduce them to you one by one:

Badger Sport Microfiber Windshirts

All featuring 100% sanded polyester microfiber shell and 100% polyester taffeta full lining, Badger windshirts cover three styles: Badger Sport Hook Windshirt, Badger Sport Windshirt with White Piping and Trim, Badger Sport Microfiber Windshirt, either is fit for your taste. Last but not the least, special care needs to be taken with them, for example, washing delicately and hang drying.

Sport-Tek V-Neck or 1/2-Zip Wind Shirts

Some wind shirts come with adjustable hoods, which is my preference because they keep you warmer in cooler weather when wearing a fleece hat. Click your button on brand Sport-Tek, you’ll find what you want. I also recommend you the Sport-Tek ColorBlock Raglan Anoraks, with a quarter zip and elastic in the wrist cuffs, so you can vent them when you start to sweat. For example, when starting to overheat, you pull up the sleeves on your wind shirt to cool off the blood flowing through your wrists and arms or take off your hat. That can be enough to stop you sweating without requiring a layer change.

Ash City Windshirts

Ash City Windshirts is a part of apparel Ash City, full of all styles of windshirts for men and women. Micro plus, techno lite, double ottoman convertible, v-neck, crew, as long as you can name it, Ash city won’t let you down. What needs your attention are the Ash City Windshirts Gridlock Men’s Tonal Pattern Windshirt and Ash City Windshirts Paragon Men’s Laminated Performance Stretch Windshirt, making a greater difference than others due to its outside placket with chin guard and concealed zippered pockets, offering you convenience for little items, such as an iPhone.

What’s more, windshirts also come in a variety of bright colors and sometimes with reflective materials, making you highly visible to vehicles if you’re road riding or running. They also can weigh as little as 4 ounces, almost always have a way to fold into their own pocket and can be clipped to a belt loop without being cumbersome, making it easy to carry one with you at all times! And the last as well as the most important is its waterproof function.

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