Great Tips To Dress For Easter Sunday Activities

Easter is on the early side this year – April 5th, to be exact. On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The holiday is often symbolized by eggs, rabbits and baby chicks which represent images of new life. Depending on your family traditions on Easter Sunday — such as going to church, having an Easter egg hunt or a large family brunch — a modest and dressy ensemble will earn you points with family and ensure you are respectful on this cornerstone holiday. Use these tips here and find out what you should wear on Easter Sunday.

Choose Attire For An Easter Sunday Church Service


To choose your clothing, it is important to determine where and when your Easter events will be. Recommended dress for an Easter Sunday church service will differ from a family brunch or a backyard Easter egg hunt. The purpose of attending an Easter church service is to worship God and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, so dress in a respectful manner that does not detract from the worship service. If women choose to wear the Alternative Ladies’ Eco-Jersey Lakeside Dress, they should cover their shoulders with a dressy jacket. which definitely show their respect for God.


For men, if you are unsure about how to dress for an Easter Sunday church service, wear clothing you would wear to a meeting at work. Then you can consider the Edwards Garment Men’s Pinstripe Wool Blend Suit Coat, pairing it with this Van Heusen Broadcloth Long Sleeve Shirt and Edwards Garment Signature Silk Honeycomb Tie. It is surely a perfect outfit.

Select Attire For An Easter Egg Hunt


In most cases, Easter egg hunts are held outdoors, so dress for the weather. But please attention: choose attire that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. If it is warm, consider country floral color of the Alternative Ladies’ Meegs Printed Eco Jersey Racer Tank as Easter marks the beginning of the spring and floral prints are popular options for Easter Sunday attire. At the same time, don’t forget the Alternative Ladies’ Eco Jersey Lounge Pants, for you might be walking or running during the egg hunt. Besides, be sure to bring a performance jacket in case of the event in cold weather.



when it comes to attire for men on egg hunt, take into account this blue stripe color of Van Heusen Long Sleeve Oxford and khaki one of Edwards Garment Men’s Utility Flat Front Pant. Or you choose another option: Sport-Tek Dri-Mesh Polo and Red Kap Industrial Plain Front Short. But bring a sweater or jacket in case the weather is cool.

Select Casual Outfits For A Family Brunch


Do you have any idea on how to dress for Easter Sunday Family Brunch? On behalf of casual outfits for women, you may try this Edwards Garment Women’s Corporate Performance Twinset Jewel Neck with this American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt. Accosserizing the outfit with high heels to show your elegance.


While for gentlemen in the family, I’d like to advise you the Edwards Garment Quarter Zip Fine Gauge, color mocha heather of which is my favorite option as it matches perfectly with the Edwards Garment Men’s Tuxedo Pleated Pant.

Last but not the least, when choosing accessories for men and women, avoid prominent Easter prints, which are better suited for children. And if the church requests formal attire, ask if the women typically wear Easter bonnets.