Embroidery vs. Screen Print – Which Imprint Method is Better?

Embroidery vs Screen Printing from NYFifth

Looking to get your logo imprinted on some shirts and hats for an upcoming corporate event, fundraiser, or for a team uniforms? At NYFifth we offer both screen printing (or silk screen) and embroidery on all our apparel and accessories, so your logo can stand out from the rest. If you ever wonder which method works best or what the difference between the two are, then we’re here to help you!

Part of choosing promotional products or corporate apparel means that you need to decide on an imprint method. When it comes to apparel or head wear, you’re faced with choosing the 2 most popular imprinting methods: custom embroidery or screen printing (also known as “silk screen”). To help you make your decision, here are a few things you need to know about the two different imprint methods:

Custom Embroidery from NYFifth

If you’re looking for a classic and timeless look, embroidery is probably your best choice. Custom embroidery is the method used for decorating fabrics with a needle and thread. For some, embroidery is the a must when it comes to making sure their logo looks professional, sleek and modern. It’s precise with near-perfect quality, which is why it’s a go-to imprint method for the professional and elite. With the right care, embroidered apparel can last for a really long time. It doesn’t wash or fade out because it becomes one withe the fabric itself.

Embroidery also has the option of choosing a variety of different color thread, as well as styles and techniques. At NYFifth, some options include: metallic thread, puff embroidery (or 3D embroidery), patches, and much more.

The only negative aspect is that embroidery can be expensive. Embroidery has a ton of amazing benefits, but you pay for what you get. Our embroidery services base the cost on the number of stitches used. The larger or detailed the logo/image is, the more stitches it will take. However, you can save money on setup fees as we provide a one-time set up charge for all embroidery orders. If you’re planning on ordering more and are using the same image, we already have the digitized file ready to go so you don’t have to pay for the set up charge again. For more information about embroidery pricing, click here.

Our embroidery production time usually takes about 5 business days after the price proposal and sew out have been approved. Is special cases, if you need your embroidery order sooner, we can speed up the process and have it done within 2-3 business days.

Screen Printing from NYFifth

Screen printing, or silk screen, is when your design gets printed onto a stencil (or a “screen”) and then is laid on top of the shirt or accessory. Using the screen, ink is then spread and slips through the screen where only the design as been printed on. If your logo has more than more colors, we must print out multiple screens and repeat the process until we achieve the finished look. Afterwards, the ink then sets on the shirt and is set aside to dry.

Screen printing is an inexpensive way to print a lot of logos and designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts and other promotional products. We base our screen printing cost on the number of colors used, the number of locations of where you want to imprint your design, and the number of pieces ordered. The more colors and locations, the more expensive it will get. If you’re planning on purchasing a bulk order, the cost per unit will become cheaper. Unlike embroidery, if you’re planning on placing a repeat order you would have to pay for the set up charges again. For more screen printing information and pricing, click here.

Although screen printing may be cost efficient, it does take a longer time to produce compared to embroidery. Our screen printing services usually take about 5-7 business days after everything has been approved.

Ultimately, deciding between embroidery and screen printing is based on your personal preference and budget. If you’re planning on getting a bulk order of t-shirts that you want to use and hand out at a fundraiser, screen printing would be a wise choice for budget reasons. If you’re looking for something long-lasting and has that professional feel, embroidery is your choice of imprint.

Both our custom embroidery and screen printing services produce high-quality imprints. So no matter what you decide to choose, we will make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the imprint order.

For imprint inquires,  you can speak to a friendly customer representative at (877) 695-9722 or simply email us your questions and inquiry at support@nyfifth-inc.com