5 Trade Show Booth Essentials

5 Trade Show Booth Essentials from NYFifth
Trade show season is coming up! Trade shows are important for your business because they offer you a platform to showcase and demonstrate your new products and services to the new or prospective customers.

How to prepare for a trade show? Before a trade show, you should plan well ahead of the scheduled time. It is never too early to start. Because you can book air tickets and hotel in advance in case they sell out or the cost goes up. Then make sure everyone who will be attending the trade show has all of the relevant information about the event. The most important thing you can do is to make sure your trade show booth has all the right stuff.

We have rounded up 5 trade show booth essentials to help ensure a resounding applause.

1. Signage

Having the right trade show displays and signs can make a huge difference. They are trade show booth essentials to draw attendees in. Trade show posters and banners can get peoples attention from far away. They are the simplest and affordable way to present your company name, products or services. Tip: You need to highlight what’s unique about your business, make onlooker and those passing your booth catch their interest.

2. Team Uniforms with Your Brand

Team uniforms with your brand are trade show booth essentials giving you a signature look. It helps you stand out from the crowd and promotes your business even when you’re not manning your trade show booth. Looks professional, and can be taken seriously with custom team uniforms featuring your logo. Creates a team atmosphere (we’re all in this together) with consistent trade show uniforms.

Create custom logo embroidered trade show shirts and embroidered trade show polos at NYFifth. Here are some affordabe t-shirts and polo shirts that can be imprinted:

3. Detailed Brochures

Trade show event is busy and it’s not always possible to chat with everyone. Detailed brochures will let your business speak for itself. Trade show brochures are ideal for presenting your products and services in greater detail. It should include standard information, such as company name, contact information, logo and tagline. Try to show the products and services you offer, add a price list, or your company’s history.

4. Business Cards

Business cards is one of the most popular ways to collect leads at trade show booth. They are important information that will lead to future sales talks. Create memorable business cards that will leave a lasting connection with attendees. Make sure to keep your business cards to a standard, pocket-accommodating size.

5. Memorable Giveaways

Everybody likes free stuff. If your promotional products are good, they will draw attendees from all across the trade show. Whenever someone uses a giveaway with your brand boldly printed on it, they become a walking billboard. So custom giveaways are essential for your next trade show booth.

Trade show giveaways are more than just pens! Branded giveaways like custom tote bags, drawstring bags, t-shirts or hats keep your business top-of-mind ever after the trade show event is over. Find a promotional giveaway that your furture client will use from below:

Tote Bags or Drawstring Bags

Custom tote bags or drawstring bags make great giveaways to get your brand noticed. Tote bag has large space to imprint your brand name, logo, or business on the side of the bag. It is cost effective and practical. Attendees can use the tote throughout the trade show to carry their giveaways or even use everyday as long as the tote bag is durable and the design is appealing. What’s more, you can fill your tote bags with marketing materials to guarantee attendees take your information home.


Affordable blank t-shirts are great for screen printing for giveaways. T-shirt comes in various styles, colors and fits to choose from. A good quality t-shirt with your logo printed on it will increase your brand awareness. Create a unique design that is memorable so that attendees will want to wear or share it with the world.


Custom hats are one of the best promotional giveaways cause they serve a function (to keep them cool on sunny days or for those bad hair days). Put your brand front and centered, and the attendees are more likely to keep the hats for years to come.

Looking for custom trade show giveaways decorator? We can be your decorator as we provide imprinting services such as logo embroidery and screen printing! We strive for customer satisfaction, as well as offer bulk discounts and fast turn around. For a free quote, talk to a friendly customer representative today at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at support@nyfifth-inc.com.