Best Trade Show Giveaways 2020

Best Trade Show Giveaways 2020 from NYFifth
A giveaway is a thing that is given free, often for promotional purposes. It’s a promotional tool used by businesses to improve awareness and recognition of their brand, and drive sales. There are many ways businesses can use giveaways to their advantage. It can help promote their business with more visibility. Having the product in your customer or client’s hands, let them have a better idea of the quality of items that you offer. Consumers are often eager to receive something without cost. Plus, whenever someone uses a giveaway with your brand boldly printed on it, they become a walking billboard.

Giveaways imprinted with a logo or brand can be a long-term advertising tool for any business, company or group. According to research by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), we have listed 4 trade show giveaway ideas below:


The number one promotional product is wearables that can be seen everywhere. From apparel to accessories, when it comes to promoting your brand, these items travel with your customers and maximize your brand’s exposure. In addition to being popular trade show giveaways that everyone can use in daily life for a long time, apparel and accessories with a company logo can make customers or clients leave a good impression on your company.

At NYFifth, we offer a wide variety of apparel and accessories that can be screen printed or custom embroidered with your company logo, name, or unique design.


Offering something like a free t-shirt is a means of opening lines of communication. T-shirts have the ability to be exposed to hundreds of people each time it’s worn. Also, t-shirt comes in various styles, colors and fits to choose from. Budget friendly t-shirts like Gildan, Delta Apparel, Tultex, available in unisex sizing or men’s sizes are great for screen printing for giveaways. If you’re on a budget, you can screen print in one color.


Drinkwear like koozies, wine totes are affordable and smart personalized giveaways for trade shows. People often use insulated bags or wine totes at parties, picnics, or events where a logo can be seen in public by a large audience. These promotional items are a fun, unique way to promote your brand. We have listed some can coolers and wine bags below:


Tote bags and cinch packs make great giveaways to get your brand noticed. They have large space to imprint your brand name, logo, or business on the two sides of the bag. These trade show giveaway bags can also be called “swag bags” that are great for holding additional trade show swag. Your customer or clients even use everyday as long as the bag is durable and the design is appealing.

Hope this information helps you choose a perfect giveaway for your next trade show. If you are looking for custom trade show giveaways decorator, we can be your decorator as we provide imprinting services such as logo embroidery and screen printing! We strive for customer satisfaction, as well as offer bulk discounts and fast turn around. For a free quote, talk to a friendly customer representative today at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at