Outfits for Savoring the End of Summer

Previously on Summer Sale You Won’t Miss, we were lounging around, summer was going to last forever and whoops, now it’s halfway through August and you’re scrambling to carpe diem the last few weeks away. So, here you are, battling simultaneous impulses to make the most of summer. But don’t worry; I’ve got your back with four looks, along with potential ideas of enjoying the end of summer.

Short Road Trip

“Short road trip” could mean a glorified coffee shop run or a jaunt out to a major city, but whatever you choose, it’s time to break out some trendy staples. Pair distressed cuffed jeans with American Apparel Sleeveless Crop Top for a casual cool vibe. The crop top features the form-fitting. Add comfy flats if you’re the type to kick your shoes on and off in the car.

Lounging around the Beach

With American Apparel Sublimation Bikini Top and American Apparel Sublimation Bikini Bottom lying on the beach, this sexy bikini has all your body out, whether you’re on the beach or strolling the boardwalk.

Put on a District Floppy Sun Hat with wide brim and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun, and then slip on snake print sandals to complement the American Apparel Sheer Jersey Chemise. The open design makes it easy to slip on and off while showing off your adorable swimwear.

Dinner Downtown

If you’re lucky enough to have a thriving downtown area or a major city nearby, dress up in a cap short sleeve Lilac Bloom Layla and American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt. Accessorize with pink stud earrings and step into black mesh heels to elevate the look.

Take Me Back to School

But actually, you say, I’m over summer and I’m itching for the new semester to start. You’re out and about getting everything organized for the year ahead, and you might make a bobby out of shopping for school supplies. Keep things scholarly with the Alternative Ladies’ Rolled Sleeve Henley, black Dickies Drop Ship Ladies’ Curvey 5-Pocket Skinny Pant, and a Liberty Bags Campus Backpack to stash the essentials.

Not only for yourselves, you can also dress up your little sister as a princess before going out to school. Pairing the French Toast Girls’ Long Sleeve Peter Pan Poplin Shirt with French Toast – Girls’ Pleated Scooter is sure to become the best outfit on first school day. Last but not the least, don’t forget to let her wear the black Carolina Sewn Strapping Rucksack for books and necessaries.

Another outfit is the French Toast Girl’s Twin Buckle Tab Jumper or French Toast Girl’s Twill Pleated Hem Jumper with short sleeve or long sleeve shirt in it. Khaki or Navy, it is up to you or your younger sister. Of course, I know you’ll choose the best outfit for her, so complete her with the pink Liberty Bags Backpack on a Budget.

Anything you wish you had more time to do? Let us know in the comments below!