Top 5 Brands for Men’s Sport Shirt

Looking for a comfortable yet stylish men’s sport shirt! At NYFifth, we offer a wide selection of great men’s sport shirts that are great to wear out on the field, at the gym, or even at the office! We’ve rounded up our top 5 brands for men’s sports shirts featuring popular brands like JERZEES, Izod and more! Each shirt featured can be embroidered or screen printed to include a team/company name or logo — which in turn, would make great uniforms for at sports team.

Top 5 Brands for Men's Sport Shirt from NYFifth


Jerzees Mens Sport Shirt from NYFifthJERZEES is a popular clothing manufacturer that’s known for their quality products priced at everyday value. They’re a customer favorite when it comes to men’s sport shirts! In particular, the JERZEES 437M – SportShield 5.6-Ounce Jersey Knit Sport Shirt (pictured above) is an all-in-one sports shirt that features their SportsShield fabric that can repel water and most oil-based spills! This shirt is currently available in various colors and has a tag-free label for maximum comfort.

Gildan Mens Sport Shirt from NYFifthIf you’re looking for stylish yet comfortable casual wear or sportswear, then Gildan is the perfect brand of choice for you! Known for their comfy casual wear, their sportswear is also one of the well-sought out apparel as well! For instance, their Gildan 8900 Ultra Blend Jersey Sport Shirt with a Pocket (as pictured above) is a customer favorite sports shirt that’s very comfortable to wear and fashionable. Most of their sports shirts are made of 50/50 cotton and poly jersey knit to help block out moisture from sweating while playing out in the sun.

Port Authority Mens Sport Shirt from NYFifthFor a more modern and sophisticated look, Port Authority sport shirts are just that! Like their Port Authority K447 Pinpoint Knit Polo (pictured above), most of their sports shirts are made of a special mesh knit for breathability. They are easy to take care of and can retain its neat crisp look day after day.

Augusta Sportswear Mens Sports Shirt from NYFifthAugusta Sportswear is known for their high-quality activewear that lets you be at your best, whether you’re out on the field, in the gym, or working in the office. They provide superior engineering of various designs and pay close attention to every detail in each shirt. Their Augusta Sportswear 1050 Premier Performance T-Shirt is no exception — made of 100%  polyester smooth knit, this shirt features moisture wicking and anti-microbial characteristics which will keep you in great condition while out playing sports!

IZOD Mens Sports Shirt from NYFifthIzod produces dressy-casual clothing, as well as great classic sportswear for men! Like the Izod Classic Jersey Sport Shirt (pictured above), most of their sports shirts have a classic design to that will never go out of style. Made of 100% polyester, their sports shirts feature moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and sweat-free while out on the field.

All these brands produce quality sport shirts that are comfortable to wear while out playing your favorite sport! Plus, their stylish to wear out to the office or on your day off. Which shirt will you be sporting this summer? Let us know by commenting below!