Choosing the Perfect Jacket Style for the Winter

Jackets are a must-have when it comes to keeping warm during the winter! Jackets come in a variety of different styles that you may, or may not, have head about. Below are 4 different jacket styles that are perfect for bearing any cold winter conditions!

Finding the Perfect jacket Style for the Winter from NYFifth

Windshirt and Wind Jackets

Windshirts, or wind breakers, are a very thin lightweight jacket that offer a light layer of protection against most elements. They are also waterproof and can retain body heat without the need of excessive or bulk clothing. Most often used on the golf course, hiking or at sporting events (coach and team jackets), windshirts and jackets are available in a variety of styles such as: pullover, full-zip, anoraks, with a hood, without hoods, and much more.

Pictured below are some of our most popular windshirts and wind jackets:

Popular Wind Jackets and Wind Shirts from NYFifth

From left to right:

Soft Shell

Soft shell jackets are not only perfect for winter, but they’re great all for all seasons. Plus, they’re the perfect corporate gift to give this holiday season with your company logo embroidered.  Usually made of polyester and nylon, the outer “soft shell” is water resistant and is breathable, flexible and durable. The inside of the jacket is usually lined with fleece material to keep your body warm on during cold winter days. They can be used alone or make perfect layering pieces for the outdoors.

Pictured below are some of our best soft shell jackets for men and women:
Popular Soft Shell Jackets from NYFifth

Sweater Fleece

An easy-wearing and bulk free classic jacket, sweater fleece jackets are stylish and will definitely keep you warm!  With a sweater-knit face exterior and a warm fuzzy fleece interior, sweater fleece jackets are perfect for everyday wear or for the office.

Picture below are our popular sweater fleece jackets:

popular Sweater Fleece Jacket Jackets from NYFifth

3-in-1/System Jacket

3-in-1 jackets, or system jackets, are the perfect any weather jacket. These jackets feature 2 jackets: an outer waterproof  hell and a separate inner fleece or soft shell. The system jacket can be zipped up and worn together or separately — which makes it perfect to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Pictured below are our popular 3-in-1 jackets:

popular 3-in-1 Jackets from NYFifth

Did you know? We also offer embroidery and screen printing on all our jackets at low competitive prices! Get your company logo embroidered for corporate gifts to give during your holiday party or have your friend’s monogram screen printed for a unique Christmas gift!

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