Top 5 Best Blank T-Shirt Brands for Screen Printing

Planning on starting your own clothing line? Or looking for quality t-shirts to get your brand or logo screen printed on? There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect t-shirt to get your brand or design screen printed on such as: the quality, the cost, material, what colors do they offer, and the fit. Below are our top 5 brands that offer some of the best blank tees for screen printing!

Top 5 Best Blank T-Shirt Brands for Screen Printing from NYFifth

Alternative Apparel Blank T-Shirts from NYFifth

Alternative Apparel creates some of the most softest blank tees in the blank t-shirt game! Made from eco-friendly material, Alternative offers a wide selection of stylish blank t-shirts for both men and women. Those seeking for the best and highest quality t-shirt for their clothing line, Alternative Apparel is the one for you.

Best blank t-shirts from Alternative Apparel:

American Apparel TShirts from NYFifth

American Apparel is the go-to for blank tees! Made in the USA, American Apparel offer a variety of blank tees from 100% ringspun to 50/50 blends to tri-blends — all are top quality and soft to the touch. These quality made shirts have become a popular choice among screen printers. Although they may be on the pricey side of the spectrum, they are very much well worth it — especially for those who are looking for shirts to wear all day every day or wants to build a fashionable brand.

Notable American Apparel blank t-shirts:

Anvil Blank TShirts from NYFifth

Anvil Knitwear offers a huge selection of blank tees at affordable prices without breaking the bank. From lightweight to heavyweight, tri-blend to eco — Anvil has it all. Not only does Anvil offer a great selection of styles, they also have a variety of colors for each shirt!

Best Blank T-Shirts from Anvil:

Bella Canvas Blank Tees from NYFifth

Bella + Canvas provides a fresh look like no other in the blank apparel industry. A customer favorite for screen printing is the Bella + Canvas 3001 Jersey Tee, as it is the perfect blend between weight, softness and a great fit for both sexes. Plus, this shirt comes in 50+ different colors to express your creativity.

Popular Bella + Canvas Blank Tees for Screen Printing:

Gildan Blank TShirts from NYFifth

Gildan is one of the standard brands when it comes to bulk screen printing because they are cost efficient without sacrificing quality and comfort. Gildan offers a wide variety of styles and colors when it comes to their blank tees. If you’re looking to purchase in bulk and are on a tight budget, Gildan’s t-shirts will definitely do the job. Most clients tend to choose Gildan for promotional events and giveaways for employees, customers and vendors.

Most Popular Gildan Blank Tees for Screen Printing:

Honorable Mention: Tultex

Tultex Blank TShirts from NYFifth

If you’re on a tight budget, Tultex offers a great selection of blank t-shirts at affordable prices. They offer 50/50 blends, 100% ringspun cotton, fitted, and offer a plethora of colors for each shirt. For the most part, Tultex is great but there are some drawbacks to Tultex. For instance, they shrink when you wash and dry them, colors are not consistent between batches, and sometimes the sizing may not be spot on. Other than that, Tultex is great for screen printing for those on a tight budget and looking for shirts for giveaways.

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