Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Custom Branded Backpack

Custom Branded Backpack Guide from NYFifth

Looking for a branded backpack that’s just right for your needs? We’ve rounded up some of the best backpack brands, like Merchant & Craft, OGIO, CamelBak, High Sierra, Gemline, etc. Whether using everyday, taking on your business travels, for your adventures, or preparing promotional giveaways — there is always one for you! Our custom branded backpacks and bags are perfect for adding logo, design, and more.

For Trendy & Everyday Backpacks

A trendy, everyday backpack should have the properties of trendy color and style, simple classic design and silhouette. An everyday backpack is common at coffee shops, parks, streets, and much relaxing occasions. The look is as important as the function. It’s more than a backpack, it’s a great way to show off your style. Below are two popular brands offering custom trendy and everyday bags that are perfect for adding your favorite designs:

Merchant & Craft

Get packing in style with one of our Merchant & Craft backpacks! Merchant & Craft backpacks and bags combine style and function that are simple classics for your modern lifestyle. The price ranges from $9.00-$17.00 (from the tier pricing of 1-11 pieces) that won’t break the bank! One of the most popular custom backpacks at is Merchant & Craft Grayley Backpack. It makes for the perfect promotional corporate gift for your staff when you add your custom embroidered company logo.
Merchant Craft Custom Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular Backpacks from Merchant & Craft (from left to right):


Commuting never looked so effortless thanks to Tranzip! Navigate your way through the city with style with Tranzip custom backpacks and bags. Featuring trendy colors, clean lines and enough space for the essentials, a Tranzip bag always looks sharp – just like the person carrying it. Tranzip backpacks and bags ranges from $15.00-$19.00 (from the tier pricing of 1-11 pieces) that’s affordable. Add your design or logo to our Tranzip backpacks that can be easily personalized to show off your style!
Tranzip Custom Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular Tranzip Backpacks (from left to right):

For Business Travel

A professional backpack for work is an essential for those business travelers. Here are some features might be something you really want to consider before buying a backpack for business travel. It should be comfortable to carry around as well as offers enough space and pockets to hold and organize your computer, change of clothes, passport, and much more things you might need on a business trip. If you find yourself at airport frequently, a business backpack designed with a TSA-friendly laptop compartment suits you so well, since you’ll be able to avoid having to take your laptop out of your backpack at the security checkpoint. Take with you on your next business trip with these branded personalized backpack for work from!


For over 30 years, OGIO has designed and manufactured a wide variety of women’s and men’s backpacks for work, travelling, and more. Built from advanced materials, packed with ingenious features, and designed with innovative styles, OGIO personalized backpack for work are perfect for your next business trip. The price ranges from $30.00-$150.00 (from the tier pricing of 1-11 pieces) to meet the needs of different groups of people. Please note: OGIO custom backpacks at must be ordered with custom embroidery or screen printing.
Custom OGIO Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular Custom OGIO Backpacks (from left to right):


elleven professional backpacks and bags are perfect for business travel. Combining sleek styling and ingenious features that will change the way you think about business trip, count on elleven to keep you one step ahead. The price of elleven backpacks ranges from $35.00-$73.00 (from the tier pricing of 1-11 pieces). Get your corporate brand on-the-go with elleven custom backpacks with logo embroidery or with screen print.
Custom elleven Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular elleven Business Travel Backpacks (from left to right):

For Active Lifestyle

When it comes to finding a backpack that’s built for your active lifestyle, there might be some points you need to consider before buying. First of all, it must be comfortable and lightweight, because you have to wear it all the time when you’re hiking, biking, running, etc. Secondly, it must be durable and functional to hold all of your gear and necessities. The last but not the least, it should be a high-quality one that can last a lifetime, because once you start taking adventures, you may want to stick with it, keep exploring, and break through yourself. Find the perfect customizable backpack from below to rise to the challenge :


CamelBak is one of the premier brands for exploring the great outdoors, and is also the global leader in personal hydration gear. Mountain biking, cycling, running or hiking — with CamelBak hydration backpacks, you’re always ready for adventure!  The price of CamelBak backpacks ranges from $49.00-$117.00 (from the tier pricing of 1-11 pieces).
CamelBak Custom Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular CamelBak Custom Backpacks for Adventure (from left to right):

High Sierra

High Sierra produces a wide variety of backpacks and bags that are the perfect blend of high quality, durability, and functionality. High Sierra’s high-performance backpacks are universal and are perfect for hiking, road biking, trail running, and even for school or for work. Our High Sierra backpacks price ranges from $19.00-$80.00 (from the tier pricing of 1-11 pieces) to meet your needs. Below are our some of our customer favorites custom backpacks from High Sierra:

High Sierra Custom Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular High Sierra Backpacks for Adventure:

For Company Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are one of the effective ways for your marketing. Custom backpacks or bags with a logo can simply convey your company message creatively. We offer promotional drawstring bags at a low cost to give as giveaways at corporate events or trade shows. These custom giveaways can offer tremendous value to the company, as well as to the customer. Below are two popular brands that our customers love that offering promotional backpacks and bags for customization:

Liberty Bags

Liberty Bags is the perfect brand for promotional products to giveaway at trade show or corporate event! It offers a huge selection of promotional drawstring bags that can be printed with your company name or logo. Promote your brand on-the-go with Liberty Bags custom drawstring backpacks.
Custom Liberty Bags Drawstring Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular Custom drawstring bags from Liberty Bags:


Looking for quality made custom promotional products for your corporate event or trade show? Gemline offers a wide variety of custom tote bags, cinch packs, etc. at a low cost without sacrificing quality. Convey your brand message with Gemline custom bags.

Custom Gemline Backpacks from NYFifth
Popular Gemline custom packs:

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