Custom Embroidered Caps: Make Your Business Stand Out

Custom Embroidered Hats from NYFifth
Custom embroidered caps are an effective marketing tool for any type of business. They are versatile, add a professional touch to your brand, and come in various colors and styles to choose from. Have you ever wondered why are custom embroidered hats so appealing to many businesses? The benefits of custom embroidered caps listed below will show you the answer.

Advertisement and Promotion

Custom embroidered caps are a great way to get your brand noticed since they act like a walking advertisement when a customer or client wears your hat. Use a design that will catch the attention of those passing by for effective promotion and advertisement. Promotional caps can be given to clients, and can also be given at your next trade show or corporate event to promote your business.

Boost Employees Motivation & Recognition

Custom embroidered cap is a great way to boost employees motivation and recognition. It shows that the employees are proud to be representing their brand. Gifting away your custom embroidered hats to your hard-working employees that can boost their motivation at work.


If the quality of the embroidery design is right, it will add a professional touch to your brand as well as increase the respect towards your company and employees. Screen printed caps look cheap, while they are not professional and attractive. With embroidered caps, it shows that you spend a little more on the caps to make it look classy and professional.

Many Cap Style Options

There are many styles to choose from, including trucker hats, baseball caps, beanies, snapback hats, etc. that are great to be embroidered with logo or design. If you were to screen print on caps, you would have a limited option of caps to choose from (5-panel caps, caps with a foam front, etc).

Long Lasting Promotional Products

Custom embroidered caps are long-lasting promotional products. Caps are durable and are also not some promotional item that lasts a week or two before becoming useless. The quality promotional caps can stay and last for a long time.

Useful Extensively

There are many different uses of custom embroidered caps. They can be a part of work uniforms, sporting team uniform, casual wear, etc.


Every coin has two sides, there are so many benefits of custom embroidered caps making your business stand out, but there are also several problems below you shoud pay attention to.

Limited Space

With caps, you’re limited on space. At NYFifth, we can only embroidered caps up to 2.4″ tall. So you have to make sure that your design or logo works well.

Hard for the Heart

With so many caps to choose from, you may get a bit overwhelmed when deciding on which would work best. We can help you with finding the perfect hat that will best represent your business.

Cost a lot with Complicated Artworks

We base our pricing on the stitch count of your logo. The most stitches / details, the higher the price will be + digitizing costs will be more expensive. If you’re on a budget, a simple logo will suffice.

Looking for quality branded blank hats for embroidery? At NYFifth, we offer a wide selection of branded hats for embroidery service, including OTTO Cap, Flexfit/Yupoong, Richardson Cap, etc. We strive for customer satisfaction, as well as offer bulk discounts and fast turn around. For a free price proposal and mock-up, talk to a friendly customer representative today at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at [email protected].