What You Are Talking About: Brand Roundup

coverThousands of brands are full of our life, from head to toe, yet how to choose which one is the most suitable for you according to your style or prefenence? Is it bothering you? Today I am honored to introduce you four brands as a reference.

Portcompany logo 33When you’re looking for quality apparel and accessories at a great value, the Port & Company collection is the natural fit, an incrediblae rang of kids and adults with a focus on everyday wear including t-shirts, headwear and basics…..all at an irresistable value. With it, you’re sure to get an exceptional price on well styled clothing that’s made so fast.

port company
Red Kap logoKnowing all about “done right”, Red Kap has been creating comfortable, durable workwear since starting out as a family business back in 1923. The “done right” crowd — you’re the people Red Kap is made for. And those who wouldn’t dream of putting their names on a job until they’re certain, are beyond any doubt, that the job has been done right.

red kap
Looking for apparel that’s not afraid of a hard day’s work? Not only does CornerStone workwear shine in the most difficult working conditions, it’s constructed to IL50 standards—meaning it’s designed to withstand more than 50 industrial laundering cycles. CornerStone delivers the strength and reliability that America was built on. Look for more CornerStone styles coming soon!

Russell Outdoor logoMaking clothing that keeps hunters comfortably concealed is what drives Russell Outdoors. Whether it’s a high-performance turkey vest or a trusted pair of cargo pants, no stone goes unturned when it comes to pushing the edge of apparel performance. Our endless passion for making world-class gear backed by one of the strongest brands in the outdoor industry gives you everything you need to outfit your obsession.

Russell outdoor s188
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