Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is celebrated the Sunday before Easter, the Holy week leading to Easter Sunday and the resurection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem where people put palms down in front of his path. It is also customary for Christians to place blessed palm leaves in the shape of a cross behind religious images or statues in homes, stores and restaurants in the United States.

On Palm Sunday, palms are distributed in church and blessed during the mass. People take them home and place them around religious pictures, statues or other objects. They remain there for a year until the next Palm Sunday when they are replaced by newly blessed Palms. The priests and deacons wear red garments and blessed palms are distributed during the church service.
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Did you ever wonder why palm branches were used on Palm Sunday? In the days when Jesus entered into Jerusalem, people used palm branches to celebrate a person of high honor and they were a symbol of triumph and victory. The pilgrims carried palm branches, probably from Jericho, because palms are not grown in Bethany or Bethphage, as they went out to meet Jesus.

It has also been said that the strewing of palm branches at the feet of Jesus was a symbol of the giving up of worldly goods, both necessities and luxuries. The people loved and honored Jesus, and they showed their love and honor by lining His path with something very important to them.

Traditionally a symbol of joy, the palm branch is a sign of victory over the flesh and the world in Christianity. It is also associated in memory of Christian martyrs. Everything on palm leaves such as a shirt or wall art may bring you good luck!
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When discarding old palms, remember it is a blessed religious object and should be burned or buried. Some gardeners bury it in their home garden, believing it will bless the coming year’s crop.

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