Splurge & Save: The Classic Ladies Trench

With the weather continuing to get colder, you’ve probably already pulled out your favorite peacoats, denim jackets, or fleece zip-ups. While these options are all adorable ladies’ staples, a classic trench coat is a must-own addition to your collection! A great trench will not only keep you warm and dry, but will add some sophisticated flare to any outfit. If you don’t have any of the best fall trench coats, think about buying these when the seasons change. It can’t hurt to think ahead.

OGIO Ladies Intake Trench

When the leaves change, your wardrobe must change with it so why not get one of the best fall trench coats? You can keep your dresses on, but you’ll need to cover yourself up a bit. You don’t want to catch a cold, do you? OGIO Ladies Intake Trench is one of the fall trench coats that will protect you from the chilly air, but will keep you looking stylish. It comes in two colors, so you can choose whatever fits your skin tone the best.

OGIO Ladies Quarry Trench

No matter what the weather throws at you, this OGIO Ladies Quarry Trench will be able to handle it. She’ll appreciate the unsurpassed attention to detail and weather-curbing, water-resistant protection of this dobby-textured trench. Don’t worry about ruining it. It’s made to endure even the harshest weather. So don’t be afraid to wear it when the weather gets brutal.

Lilac Bloom LB5360 – Kate

The leaves aren’t the only ones who can pop with color. Wear this stylish red coat in order to capture the world’s attention. Make sure you look your best when you step out of the house in this Lilac Bloom LB5360 – Kate, because all eyes will be on you. Ruching along shoulders and back yoke add a stylish touch. No one will miss you as you pass by.

Lilac Bloom LB2988 – Katherine

Here’s another coat with two looks in one! This Lilac Bloom LB2988 – Katherine is a women’s windproof/water resistant polyester trench coat lined with polyester. Hood is easily concealed in collar. Two-way zipper and back vent allow for easier movement. When you have this on, it’s impossible for Mother Nature to ruin your day.

Lilac Bloom LB9013 – Sasha

The detachable button-off hood and belt makes this Lilac Bloom LB9013 – Sasha coat versatile. You could wear it two days in a row without anyone noticing, because it’ll look completely different when you opt to take off the belt or lose the hood. On different days, we feel like rocking different styles. This coat allows you to be as fickle as you want. Whenever you want to change up your look, you’re free to do so!

Do you own a trench coat? How do you wear it? And most importantly, would you splurge or save on this item? Let us all know your thoughts in the comments section!

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