3 Helpful Tips When Getting Your Logo Ready for Embroidery

Thinking about purchasing some merchandise with your business logo embroidered? When submitting your logo or artwork for embroidery, some details from your design can get lost in translation when converting your logo into embroidery.

Custom Logo Embroidery from NYFifth

In order to turn your carefully designed logo into stitches, the embroiderer must first digitize your design. Digitizing is the process of converting the the artwork file into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment. When converting the artwork, this is where trouble often occurs.

To make sure your logo does not run into any problems, here are some helpful tips to make sure your embroidered logo looks as good as it does on paper.

TIP 1: Provide a High Quality Graphic

Image Quality for Logo Embroidery from NYFifth

To make sure your logo or artwork is embroidered precisely the way you envisioned it, provide as must detail as you can. This means giving the embroiderer the highest resolution graphic possible.

Most times, embroiderers need to enlarge the image size for embroidering. With enlarging images comes pixelation (see above image to the left). If you’re enlarging a small image, the finer details will disappear and the edges can become jagged. Providing a high quality and large image will guarantee you a better chance in getting your embroidered logo that way you’ve imaged it to be.

TIP 2: Try to Avoid Gradient Details

Example of Gradient Embroidery from NYFifth

Gradients, which are colors that fade from one to another, are usually difficult to do with embroidery. Gradient embroidery can be done but the end result will not look as nice as the artwork you’ve submitted. The thread colors used can be overlapped to help fool the human eye into thinking it’s a gradient, but then again it won’t look as nice as if it were screen printed. To make sure your logo looks flawless, we would recommend converting the gradient areas into solid colors for a smooth, clean and clearer design.

TIP 3: Make Sure Text Isn’t Too Small

Text Size for Logo Embroidery from NYFifth

Text size is important when it comes to having your logo embroidered on hats, polo shirts, and whatnot. If your text is too small for people to read from a distance, then that would just be a wasted opportunity to get your logo noticed. On top of not making it legible, small text will sometimes end up looking like a small blob stitched together (see above image for example).

Ideally, you would want your text to be AT LEAST 0.25″ tall for it to be legible. If you’re not too sure if your text meets that requirement, we will let you know and suggest ways you can edit your artwork.

Getting your logo embroidered that way you want takes some time. Just as long as you have these three tips in mind, you’ll be just fine! With our custom embroidery services, we try to make it as crisp as possible to meet our customer’s expectations. If there is a fault in your design when converting it, we will provide feedback on what will and won’t look good as well as ways you can improve the design.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding custom embroidered merchandise, feel free to contact us at (877) 695-9722 or email us your inquiry at support@nyfifth-inc.com today!